The DisComPoSE research group took part in a cycle of meetings organized within the Edinburgh Early Modern Network  through an online seminar entitled Narrating and Communicating Disasters in the Spanish Monarchy: an Interdisciplinary Approach.

The speech by Annachiara Monaco, Milena Viceconte and Beatriz Álvarez García held on 5th April 2022, showed some research lines that dialogue actively within the project and started from the definition of “disaster” as a phenomenon at the intersection between nature and society.

In particular, the scholars presented three case studies conducted according to three different methodological approaches: historical (Beatriz Álvarez García), linguistic (Annachiara Monaco) and historical-artistic (Milena Viceconte).

Each researcher focused on a specific medium of communication: sermons, reports, paintings or engravings. This interdisciplinary analysis made it possible to highlight how the various forms and strategies of representing catastrophe were inherent in a wider context of the circulation of information, in which heterogeneous spheres and means of communication intertwined and influenced each other.

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