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Reports on natural disasters

Three scholars who study the genre of press relations were the protagonists of the international seminar The reports on natural disasters between Italy and Spain in the seventeenth century, held on 23rd June 2023 at the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II. Mónica Martín Molares, a linguist specializing in the processes […]

News of catastrophes between Europe and the Atlantic

The DisComPoSE researchers participated in a session of the conference The Italian culture of the eighteenth century and its transnational connections, organized on 20th-22nd June 2023 in Naples, as part of the activities of the international project Rethinking Eighteenth-Century Italian Culture and Its Transnational Connections realized by the California State University, Long Beach, in collaboration […]

Saints and heroes in the face of emergency

Domenico Cecere and Milena Viceconte were interviewed by Eduardo Angel Cruz for New Books Networks, a network that reaches thousands of undergraduate and PhD students in American and Hispanic universities. In presenting the book Heroes in Dark Times: Saints and Officials Tackling Disaster (16th-17th Centuries), the two members of the DisComPoSE group – who edited […]

Water: resource and threat

Water is the fundamental element for the existence of life but it is also a threat for us. For this reason, it has constituted a crucial problem in all civilizations and in every age. The volume Water: resource and threat. The management of water resources and floods in Europe (XIV-XIX century), edited by Elisabetta Bini, […]

Dancing on the volcano

In the context of the Festival of Sustainable Development 2023, the online event “Dancing on the volcano”. Education for sustainable development in a German-Italian perspective took place on 9th May. The meeting is part of the series of German-Italian Dialogues for sustainable development promoted by the platea2030, the Office for Italian-German dialogue and FUTURAnetwork, in […]

The Spanish Monarchy from a polycentric perspective

The volume of Yasmina Ben Yessef Garfia La Monarchia spagnola in una prospettiva policentrica. Reti, conflitti, negoziazioni tra scala locale e spazi imperiali (secoli XVI-XVII), (The Spanish Monarchy from a polycentric perspective. Networks, conflicts, negotiations between the local level and imperial areas (16th-17th centuries) has been published. Through the analysis of four case studies, the […]

The Palimpsest of the Catastrophe

Il palinsesto della catastrofe. La metafora tra lirica e scienza nel barocco meridionale, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2023, is the outcome of four years of research carried out by Antonio Perrone within the DisComPoSE project. This volume represents the theoretical framework of a previous anthology dedicated to Baroque poetry La Scelta di poesie nell’incendio […]

The Popocatepetl in Bologna

As part of the program of seminars promoted by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Dmitri Rouwet and Carlos Caracciolo have organized a meeting dedicated to the inquiries performed within the DisComPoSE research project. The aim is to highlight how closely the study of sources about natural disasters in the early modern age […]

Heroes in Dark Times

The natural disasters that took place in the territories of the Hispanic Monarchy in the early modern era triggered publications in a range of genres, including treatises, relaciones de sucesos, avvisi, chronicles, hagiographies and poems. Such texts began to circulate within and beyond the Empire immediately after each calamitous event and contributed to the spread of […]