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Narrating Catastrophe in the Golden Age

Gennaro Schiano’s book Relatar la catástrofe en el Siglo de Oro. Entre noticia y narración, recently published by Peter Lang (Berlin), is dedicated to a representation of natural disasters in one of the most popular genres produced in the territories of the Hispanic Monarchy during the Golden Age: the relaciones de sucesos. Developing some of […]

Rexpublica and DisComPoSE in discussion

Several members of the Rexpublica project and the DisComPoSE project attended the conference Desastres en la América colonial Hispánica. Redes, circulación de la información y memoria (siglos XVI-XVIII), organized on 13th September at the Pablo de Olavide University. The presentations were organized in two sessions chaired by the P.I.s of the two projects: Manuel Herrero […]

Lyric poetry about the eruption of Vesuvius in 1631

The recent publication of La Scelta di poesie nell’incendio del Vesuvio – edited by Antonio Perrone and Carolina Borrelli – aims to extend the scope of the DisComPoSe research and the analysis of the catastrophic reports to lyric poetry. In fact, poetry about natural catastrophes was as widespread as printed reports and scientific treatises in […]

13 September, 2021: Disasters in Spanish Colonial America

The conference Disasters in Spanish Colonial America (16th-18th centuries) is taking place on 13th September in Seville. The activity is the result of the collaboration between DisComPoSe and the Spanish project Res Pública Monárquica. La Monarquía Hispánica, una estructura imperial policéntrica de repúblicas urbanas, directed by Manuel Herrero Sánchez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville). The […]

June 29, 2021: The lesson of Piero Camporesi

In the final meeting of the cycle of seminars Verba Manent, Claudio Giunta, professor of Italian literature at the University of Trento, enriched the reflection on popular culture starting from the lesson of Piero Camporesi. The seminar, dedicated to Camporesi’s legacy, concerned the current relevance of his studies and the applicability of his methods, and […]

The square as a political space

With the seminar The square as a political space: manuscripts, printings and songs held on 9th June, Prof. Massimo Rospocher shifted the focus of reflection within the cycle of meetings Verba manent to the spaces and concrete conditions in which communication takes place. Dwelling on the spaces, the professor allowed us to reconsider the relationship […]