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The printed catalogue of the exhibition “Paper eruptions” is now available!

Since 2022, you have been able to visit the virtual exhibition Paper eruptions. Four centuries of printing on volcanoes. The printed catalogue of the exhibition edited by Elisabetta Scirocco, Philine Helas, Golo Maurer, Domenico Cecere, Hanna Sophie Stegemann and Milena Viceconte is now also available. This publication is the result of a close collaboration between […]

Managing Times of Emergency

In times of emergency, communication plays a crucial yet problematic role. While this may seem obvious nowadays, even before the emergence of modern media, the methods of gathering, elaborating and transmitting information had a significant influence on the perception of risk and on decision-making processes. The recently published book Communication and Politics in the Hispanic […]

Final conference of the DisComPoSE project

The DisComPoSE project is coming to an end. The team is organizing the international conference Davanti alla fine. Culture e Politiche della calamità in età moderna (Before the end. Cultures and Policies of calamity in the early modern age). They will present the results of an interdisciplinary research lasting six years which has investigated the […]

The DisComPoSE P.I. at ” Futuro Remoto”

The DisComPoSE project participated in the 37th edition of the Futuro Remoto event, organized in Città della Scienza in Naples. The meeting on November 23rd, entitled European Research: sharing the passion with those who work at the borders of knowledge, provided an opportunity for students to meet in person four researchers leading ERC projects: Domenico […]

Reports on natural disasters

Three scholars who study the genre of press relations were the protagonists of the international seminar The reports on natural disasters between Italy and Spain in the seventeenth century, held on 23rd June 2023 at the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II. Mónica Martín Molares, a linguist specializing in the processes […]

News of catastrophes between Europe and the Atlantic

The DisComPoSE researchers participated in a session of the conference The Italian culture of the eighteenth century and its transnational connections, organized on 20th-22nd June 2023 in Naples, as part of the activities of the international project Rethinking Eighteenth-Century Italian Culture and Its Transnational Connections realized by the California State University, Long Beach, in collaboration […]

Saints and heroes in the face of emergency

Domenico Cecere and Milena Viceconte were interviewed by Eduardo Angel Cruz for New Books Networks, a network that reaches thousands of undergraduate and PhD students in American and Hispanic universities. In presenting the book Heroes in Dark Times: Saints and Officials Tackling Disaster (16th-17th Centuries), the two members of the DisComPoSE group – who edited […]

Water: resource and threat

Water is the fundamental element for the existence of life but it is also a threat for us. For this reason, it has constituted a crucial problem in all civilizations and in every age. The volume Water: resource and threat. The management of water resources and floods in Europe (XIV-XIX century), edited by Elisabetta Bini, […]