From 4th to 6th July, the Universidade Da Coruña hosted an international seminar entitled De lo analógico a lo digital: gestión, uso y estudio del patrimonio bibliográfico organised by

Nieves Pena Sueiro and Javier Ruiz Astiz. Scholars and librarians convened to reflect on the state of the digitisation process of the ancient bibliographic heritage and the challenges

that await them in the near future, given the emergence of new requirements and the dissemination of new technologies.

In particular, Gennaro Schiano highlighted the work carried out within the DisComPoSE project and focused on the results achieved in relation to digitisation. In fact, the seminar

provided an opportunity to present an application developed in collaboration with the Apple Academy and the progress of the work on the development of the digital catalogue.

The first results show that even for a heterogeneous corpus such as the one considered by DisComPoSE, digital cataloguing makes it possible not only to facilitate access to a

large number of sources, but also to study them collaboratively and from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Furthermore, the various sessions and rich debates of the meeting focused on the infinite resources but also the limitations of the digitisation process and the need for a

homogeneous and shared design between the different stakeholders.

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