The lively interest in the digital exhibition Paper eruptions has prompted the researchers of DisComPoSE and of the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institut für Kunstgeschichte to offer some public thematic tours starting from a selection of volumes on display.

During the first appointment on Saturday 7th May 2022, the contents of the six sections described on the website dedicated to the digital exhibition were presented. This was followed by an illustration by Elisabetta Scirocco on the preparation of the selected volumes, and an introduction by Annachiara Monaco on the DisComPosSE project and on the role of the Neapolitan researchers in filing the collected texts. Antonio Perrone then encouraged visitors to immerse themselves in the socio-cultural environment of Spanish Naples through the editorial production on Vesuvius throughout the 17th century. After the analysis of poems, treatises and reports, the guides on the city of Naples and its ‘mirabilia’ were focused.

Given the success of this. initiative, plans are being made to organize new visits, both in Italian and in German, during the month of June.


Check out the digital exhibition

Watch the video about the Napolitan natural disasters (the exhibition Paper eruptions is mentioned at min.9.58)

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