The volume of Yasmina Ben Yessef Garfia La Monarchia spagnola in una prospettiva policentrica. Reti, conflitti, negoziazioni tra scala locale e spazi imperiali (secoli XVI-XVII), (The Spanish Monarchy from a polycentric perspective. Networks, conflicts, negotiations between the local level and imperial areas (16th-17th centuries) has been published. Through the analysis of four case studies, the monograph reflects on the polycentric political nature of the Spanish Monarchy, whose functioning was closely linked not only to the relations between the king and the territories under his jurisdiction, but also to the relations of cooperation and of rivalry between these domains and to their negotiating skills.

The author focuses in the various chapters on the role of individuals, families and power groups that operated within or on the margins of institutional channels in the Italian or Iberian regions.

The analysis shows a political entity that was not composed of a simple juxtaposition of kingdoms under a single king. It was a state strengthened thanks to the presence of an articulated system of networks that guaranteed the interactions between the local and the global level.

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