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January 14-15 and 21-22, 2021: Saints and institutions in the representation of disasters

Heroic figures in calamitous times. Saints and institutions in the representation of disasters (16th-18th centuries) is a cycle of seminars organized by Gennaro Schiano and Milena Viceconte from the DisComPoSE team, held on14th-15th and 21st-22nd January 2021 in virtual mode, through the platform Google Meet. The event allowed twelve young Italian and Spanish scholars to […]

December 7, 2020: The memory of the saved

The study of mass emergencies, especially in recent decades, has attracted the attention of numerous scholars who have examined the impact and processing of trauma by survivors through different disciplinary methodologies. Prof. Fausto Greco focused on these themes during the seminar The memory of the saved. Wiesel and Levi in the face of  the oppressors, […]

January 14-22, 2020: Heroic figures in calamitous times

The current incidence of natural disasters has stimulated, especially in recent decades, a lively debate among academics from different disciplines about the cultural and social connotations of catastrophes. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fires are studied as social events, which provide a photographic negative relevant to the culture and imagination of a historical period. In the […]

The prototype of the DisComPoSE digital archive

The prototype of the DisComPose digital archive was presented on 23rd November to an audience of researchers, students and high school teachers. The software was conceived and developed by students of the Apple Academy to make the research results available to a wider audience. It was tested by a group of researchers from different backgrounds […]

December 1, 2020: Memory, trauma, history.

Memory, trauma, history. War and catastrophe in the twentieth century The study of the history of the contemporary age requires a specific methodological approach and a particular typology of sources. Prof. Gabriella Gribaudi made this comment during the seminar Memory, trauma, history. War and catastrophe in the twentieth century which was held online on 1st […]

November 23, 2020: Tales of catastrophe

Tales of catastrophe – Remembering 23rd November 1980 To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the violent earthquake that devastated Irpinia in 1980, the DisComPoSE team organized on 23rd November 2020 an on line seminar with the participation of Gabriella Gribaudi (Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Naples “Federico II”) and Nicola de Blasi […]

Remembering 23rd November 1980

Tales of the catastrophe – Remembering 23rd November 1980 23rd November is the 40th anniversary of the 1980 Irpinia earthquake. In accordance with the conditions permitted by the current health emergency, we wanted to organize a moment of reflection on the most serious disaster of natural origin in the history of republican Italy, which was […]

New call for papers on natural disasters

A Call for Papers is open for two monographic issues of the Griseldaonline journal on the theme “Catastrophes. When the world fails”. The goal is to investigate literary texts as valuable witnesses and at the same time exceptional creators of the means of reading and representing disasters over time, with particular attention to natural disasters. […]