A Call for Papers is open for two monographic issues of the Griseldaonline journal on the theme “Catastrophes. When the world fails”.

The goal is to investigate literary texts as valuable witnesses and at the same time exceptional creators of the means of reading and representing disasters over time, with particular attention to natural disasters.

The two monographic issues aim to be a fruitful field of comparison between theoretical knowledge and formal analysis models, moving between the history of literature, cultural history, history of ideologies and Trauma studies.

The proposals will be evaluated by the editorial staff in accordance with the schedule of the volumes 20/2021 and 21/2022 edited by Giancarlo Alfano and Gennaro Schiano.

The deadlines for submitting articles are as follows:

  • Articles on the topic of Disasters:

for vol. 20/1 by 15th  April 2021

for vol. 21/1 by 1st  April 2022

  • Methodological and Omnibus Articles:

for vol. 20/1 by 1st  April 2021

for vol. 20/2 by 1st  September 2021

for vol. 21/1 by 1st  April 2022


For further information, see the call published on https://griseldaonline.unibo.it/announcement/view/416?fbclid=IwAR3LqGAL6ZDvzHS748CqO3FczdFNW7bg3i26m51fzwrbDgmxDBp338NSUOM


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