The marvelous and the unheard in the early modern age

Seminar organised by S. Bozzola, C. De Caprio, F. Montuori

 Naples, 23-24 May 2019

At the Società Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti in Napoli and the Accademia Pontaniana (Via Mezzocannone 8, 2nd floor) Naples

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May 23rd

 9:00 Institutional greetings

  1. Manfredi  (Rector of University of Naples Federico II)
  2. De Blasi (Coord. of Modern Philology DSU Section, Federico II)
  3. Bozzola (DISLL Deputy Director, University of Padua)

9:30 Domenico Cecere (University of Naples Federico II), The seminar on the “marvellous” in the framework of the ERC DisComPoSE project

 1st session (chaired by Nicola De Blasi, University of Naples Federico II)

Linguistic representations of the marvellous

 10:00 Chiara De Caprio (University of Naples Federico II), The description of the marvellous in travel writings. I. Syntax and textuality

10:30 Sergio Bozzola (University of Padua), The description of the marvellous in travel writings. II. Rhetoric and representative models

 11:00 Coffee break

 2nd session (chaired by Patricia Bianchi, University of Naples Federico II)

Seeing through pictures and with words

 11:30 Rita Fresu (University of Cagliari) «Pigliate il primo vicolo, che troverete in esso una cosa meravigliosa». Describe, inform, narrate in the modern age’s periegetic

12.00 Bianca de Divitiis (University of Naples Federico II), Emotions and monuments between Europe and the New World. Enthusiasm for discovery and lament for loss

12:30 Discussion

 13.15 Lunch break

 III session (chaired by Francesco Senatore, University of Naples Federico II)

Telling and communicating the unheard

15:00 Giancarlo Petrella (University of Naples Federico II), Communicating ‘novi et spaventevoli segni’. Disasters, wonders and wonderful effects in Italian publishing between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries

15:30 Giancarlo Alfano (University of Naples Federico II), Conjectures on a wooden leg. A famous case of imposture from the 16th century

16:00 Michele Lodone (Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice), Marvellous games of truth. Prophecies and levels of communication in early modern Italy

16:30 Discussion


24 May

 IV session (chaired by Rita Librandi, University of Naples L’Orientale)

Printed non-literary Italian: information circuits and linguistic dynamics

 9:30 Luca D’Onghia (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Reports, news sheets, notices: on non-literary printed Italian in the sixteenth century

10:00 Laura Ricci (University for Foreigners of Siena), “News” from the sixteenth century: information, propaganda and fake news in the news sheets of the sixteenth century

10:30 Francesco Montuori (University of Naples Federico II), Linguistic and lexical dynamics around the “compassionate tragedies” of the Kingdom


 11:00 Coffee break

5th session (chaired by Laura Minervini, University of Naples Federico II)

Discursive and lexicon modality of the marvelous between prose and poetry

 11:30 Fabio Romanini (University of Trieste), Pragmatic aspects, discursive modalities and textual contaminations in the navigation reports of the 15th-17th centuries

12:00 Giuseppe Polimeni (University of Milan), Scuotea dagl’imi cardini / le mura il grande tremuoto”: events and marvels in verse, between the 16th and 18th centuries

12:30 Discussion

 13:15 Lunch break

 14:15 to 16:15 Seminar acquisitions and research perspectives.Meeting of the scientific committee with the DisComPoSE group

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