Ancien régime societies facing emergencies

(Disastri naturali, comunicazione e politica nella Monarchia ispanica. Società di antico regime di fronte all’emergenza)


Monday, December 10th 2018

Pontano Hall of the National Society of Sciences, Arts and Letters in Naples and the Pontaniana Academy

Via Mezzocannone 8, II floor – Naples

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9.30 | Greetings

Arturo De Vivo, Vice-Rector of the University of Naples Federico II

Edoardo Massimilla, Director of Humanistic Studies Department

Anna Maria Rao, Head of the Department of Historical Sciences

10.00am First session

Anna Maria Rao presides

Domenico Cecere, University of Naples Federico II: The Discompose project: hypothesis and objectives

François Walter, Université de Genève: Y at-l’époque moderne une européenne de la catastrophe?

11.20 | Coffee break

11.40 | Second session

Giovanni Muto presides

Tamar Herzog, Harvard University: Early Modern Information: Controlling and Knowing in Spain and its Empire

Armando Alberola Romá, Universidad de Alicante: Climate, desastre y crisis en España y América during the Pequeña Edad del Hielo

13.00 | Discussion

13.30 | Lunch break

14.30 | Third session

Giancarlo Alfano presides

Amedeo Quondam. “La Sapienza” University of Rome: Disasters of Nature, Disasters of History: Italian identity

15.10 | Presentation of the volume

Disaster Narratives in Early Modern Naples. Politics, Communication and Culture , Viella 2018

edited by D. Cecere, C. De Caprio, L. Gianfrancesco, P. Palmieri, translation by EM Ferrara


Sergio Bozzola, University of Padua

Flavia Gherardi, University of Naples Federico II

Elisa Novi Chavarria, University of Molise

16.30 | Discussion with:

Gaia Bruno, Melissa Calaresu, Diego Carnevale, Nicola De Blasi, Chiara De Caprio, Enrica M. Ferrara, Rita Fresu, Manuel Herrero Sanchez, Marco Meriggi, Francesco Montuori, Pasquale Palmieri, Valerio Petrarca, Gennaro Schiano, Alfonso Tortora, Alessandro Tuccillo, Gennaro Varriale, Piero Ventura, Milena Viceconte

Go to the video interview

Go to the video presentation of the book Disaster narratives in Early Modern Naples. Politics, Communications and Culture written by the members of the DisComPoSE team 

Go to an on line article introducing the DisComPoSE digital archive

Go to an on line article about the international conference held on 10th December 2018 in Naples

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