DisComPoSE plans to create publications, international conferences, seminars, and a digital archive of the disaster writings, on a corpus consisting of thousands of texts, of different types and written in different periods and cultural contexts, which will allow to combine “distant reading” ( that is, the analysis of large amounts of data) and “close reading” (a close and in-depth analysis of a single text and its production context).

DisComPoSE complies with the guidelines on open access to scientific publications and research data from the ERC – Horizon 2020 program .Data and results will be disseminated, therefore, in order to maximize the impact of research, supporting the free circulation of knowledge and its transfer from the academic community to society.

In particular:

–           Articles, papers, monographs, conference proceedings, including the contents of this website, are licensed under a Creative Commons: CC-by 4.0;

–           Data, dataset, database: CC0 – donation to the public domain;

–           DisComPoSE is present in OpenAIRE, the portal that supports the Commission’s open policies. All the publications and data generated by the project will be linked to this page.

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